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The Daryeel Human Rights Organization is a non-governmental organization, non-political, non- partisan. It was established on 1st February, 2005 by a group of Somali national professionals and community members working for promoting human rights , peace and development in response to the wide spread of human rights violations in Somalia particularly Bay, Bakool, Lower Shabelle in South West State.

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The mission of DHRO is “to improve the protection of human rights through: advocacy, human rights education, monitoring, documentation, and reporting; peace building, and community empowerment.”

DHRO aspires to protect human rights and to eradicate the culture of impunity in Somalia.

1. Improving human rights.
2. Respect and dignity for all.
3. Justice
4. Honesty, transparency and accountability.
5. Environmental awareness.
6. Gender equity.
7. Authentic participation and people’s empowerment.
8. Sustainability.

1. To promote awareness and the realization of international human rights standards in Somalia.
2. To mobilize the society and the international community to ensure relief and rehabilitation to
redress the survivors of human rights violations
3. To promote peace building and encourage communities addressing conflict related issues.
4. To monitor and investigate human rights abuses and violations.
5. To provide legal and livelihoods assistance for the disadvantaged groups.

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